Launched in 2016, Blue Circle Voices (BCV) is an IDF initiative that aims to represent the interests of people living with, or affected by, diabetes, through a global network of members and other stakeholders.

Our BCV advocates include people with diabetes and caregivers of people with diabetes, who all share a common goal: to improve the lives of people living with diabetes and prevent the condition in those at risk.

The BCV network currently comprises of over 230 members from across the seven regions of IDF.

collage of 20 IDF Blue Circle Voices

Meet the BCV

The IDF Blue Circle Voices (BCV) network is a vibrant community of individuals who either live with diabetes or have been affected by it. This inspiring network of passionate and engaged individuals spans all seven IDF regions.

Meet the BCV advocates

The BCV network provides a platform for people with diabetes to share their daily challenges and issues.

Debby Syahru Romadlon (Indonesia)

I became a carer for my father when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2016. In my capacity as a professional diabetes educator, lecturer, and caregiver, I intend to use the Blue Circle Voices platform to learn and promote appropriate diabetes management based on high-quality evidence of research.

Riddhi Modi (India)

After being diagnosed with gestational and type 1 diabetes, I had to unlearn my lifestyle and adapt to another for effective diabetes management, focusing on nutrition, exercise and mental health. Going through the journey of denial, resistance and then acceptance I understood this important balance.

Ehab Ali (Bahrain)

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it took me a very long time to understand how to live with my condition. Hearing stories and testimonies from other people with diabetes touched my heart and motivated me to speak about diabetes and promote healthier lifestyles.

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Are you living with diabetes or a carer of someone with diabetes? The IDF BCV network is here for you!

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