collage of 20 IDF Blue Circle Voices

The BCV network

The IDF Blue Circle Voices (BCV) network is a vibrant community of individuals who either live with diabetes or have been affected by it. This inspiring network of passionate and engaged individuals spans all seven IDF regions.

Meet the BCV advocates

The BCV network provides a platform for people with diabetes to share their daily challenges and issues.

Alvin Baralin (The Philippines)

Since my mother’s type 2 diabetes diagnosis twenty years ago, I began learning more about diabetes and became interested in healthcare disparities worldwide. This has given me a deep understanding of the issues people with diabetes encounter, especially in low-income settings. As part of the Blue Circle Voices network, I aim to amplify their voices and shed light on inequities in accessing quality care.

Nkiruka Okoro (UK)

I faced vulnerability, stigma, and insults and was labelled a witch. I even experienced being abandoned at the altar being told that I could never be a mother or wife. Despite these challenges, I became a diabetes advocate. Along the way, I earned three degrees related to science and diabetes management.

Siyabonga Zuma (South Africa)

For 12 years, I kept my diabetes a secret because  I felt like the "odd one out" among my peers. I was ashamed and struggled for acceptance. As a BCV, I want to help others living with diabetes, especially children,  so they don't experience what I did.

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Are you a person with diabetes or a caregiver of someone with diabetes? The IDF BCV network is here for you!

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