collage of 20 IDF Blue Circle Voices

The BCV network

The IDF Blue Circle Voices (BCV) network is a vibrant community of individuals who either live with diabetes or have been affected by it. This inspiring network of passionate and engaged individuals spans all seven IDF regions.

Meet the BCV advocates

The BCV network provides a platform for people with diabetes to share their daily challenges and issues.

Ana Maria Alvarez Pagola (Spain)

I believe the voice of people with diabetes needs to be heard and heeded. We need to be part of the change for a better future for all, regardless of where you are born or where you choose to live.

Gráinne Flynn (Ireland)

I have accessed diabetes education and technology not because they were available, but through luck and determination. It's time for our policymakers to take luck out of diabetes care.

Rafael Lara Nohmi (Brazil)

I want to connect with people with similar stories to my own and who are not comfortable with the right to health and a decent quality of life being out of reach for many people with diabetes.

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Are you a person with diabetes or a caregiver of someone with diabetes? The IDF BCV network is here for you!

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