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2017 YLD Annual Report

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the activities undertaken by the YLD members throughout 2017, from their individual projects to the YLD Training Summit that took place in Abu Dhabi. You can read all about it by clicking on the image below. 

2017 YLD Annual report


YLD Leadership Training Summit 2017

While much of the training provided to YLD members is online or via webinars, IDF also organises a biannual Leadership Training Summit for a select number of YLD members.

The fourth YLD Leadership Training Summit took place in parallel to the IDF Congress, between December 5-8, 2017. Some 59 members of the YLD Programme from 51 different countries attended this Summit, which provided them with the opportunity to gain knowledge on advocacy, new technologies, discuss the future of diabetes and learn how to develop regional action plans, as well as attend some of the scientific sessions of the Congress.

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The overall feedback from the YLD members following the Training Summit was positive. YLD members enjoyed spending time with other YLD members from various regions and learning about different realities. They found the sessions very interesting, and regretted not having more time to delve further into the topics discussed.

“The training programme is a life-changing experience for young people living with diabetes, it allows you to get an insight of how other people are affected by diabetes from different cultures.”

“I think that the training was very useful to gather information and lay the foundations for the arduous work that must be done in a team so that the results can be seen over the long term.”

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